Bravo&Thatcher is a visual production agency specializing in wedding imagery and films. The company started out in 2012 and we have grown over time and established ourself in the wedding industry as being original, abstract and unique in our approach to story telling and capturing your special day.


We specialize in both photography and videography and offer three "Seasons" themed packages in each sphere (Autumn, Winter, Spring). You can combine any of these packages according to your liking should you wish to book us for both. We also offer a combo package already tailored for the best of both (Summer).


We are based in Gauteng and the Western Cape and travel cost is determined from our closest location. The first 100km of travel (round trip) is on the house. If you are based elsewhere, no need to worry, we travel anywhere, anytime. Send us your location and we will do the math.


At Bravo&Thatcher we strive to remain original and artists within our industry and fields.


So what does this mean exactly? Let's put it like this. All companies and artist have a niche, meaning a specify style and/or look by which they brand themselves. This is also true for Bravo&Thatcher but instead of just focussing on the look we brand ourselves by, we shift the focus to the standard of our quality, consistency and originality we aim to deliver week in and out. Does this mean we do not have a niche? Of course we do, but we always capture our couples according to their personality and being, not according to our niche so to speak.


If this is what you are looking for, have a look through our packages and get in contact so we can see if we are a fit.


Remember, life is seasons.







Why Seasons?


Both our photo and film packages are themed "Seasons" and this is our motto for a reason. It is our firm belief that in life we go through seasons. All our clients are at the starting point of a big new season in their life. This is only the first of many seasons to come throughout years of marriage and everyday life. Just as there are different seasons there are also different people. Some more fun, others more serious. Some quirky, others emotional. This is where we aim above our niche and style to capture each and every client according to their being.


So from the choice of music in our films to the golden light couple shots we focus on capturing the essence of the couple and not the couple according to our brand. The constant being on quality and originality. We offer four package options for both photography and video and each has a heap of additional services to choose from. Below you will find an overview of our packages. Please contact us and we will send you all our package info, pricing and additional services we offer.



Some of our happy couples



For all queries please give us a shout